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Informations générales
Nom & Prénom : Abdi Ons
Email : ons.abdi@flshk.u-kairouan.tn
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Applied linguistics


Contrastive rhetoric

Comparative linguistics

Teaching subjects
Grammar in Context
Language and Culture
Teaching English To Young Learners (TEYL)
Translation (Arabic to English, English to Arabic)
Specialized Translation (Arabic to English, English to Arabic)
Soft Skills
Oral Communication


Scolarité & Diplômes
2009    Agrégation Degree, English Language and Letters, Faculty of Letters, Arts and
                  humanities of Manouba, Tunis, Tunisia.
             The ENS End of Studies Diploma, English Language and Letters, École Normale Supérieure (ENS), Tunis, Tunisia.
2008   Maîtrise Degree, English Language and Letters, Faculty of Letters, Humanities and Social Sciences, Tunis, Tunisia.
              2019   Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design (Online course).
                          Microsoft Certified Educator.
                     2015   Teacher Training Course: Learning Technologies for the Classroom, British Council.
                                 TKT Trainer Certificate, Ministry of Higher Education-British Council, Tunisia.
                     2014   Trainer development course (TDC), British Council, Tunisia.
                                 TKT Certificate, British Council, Tunisia.
            TKT courses, British Council, Tunisia.
2010 Training in the conception and digitization of courses, Institute of Management and Computer Sciences, Kairouan, Tunisia.
                     2008 Training course, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France.
                                Pedagogical training, Sadiki Secondary School, Tunis, Tunisia.
                     2007 English Language Training, Language Village Nabeul (LVN).


Presenter "Coordination and subordination in the argumentative writing of Tunisian Arabic and English majors, 9th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC9), University of Genoa, Italy (May2021)
Presenter "Bridging the gap between theory and practice: Rhetorical argumentation as model", Tunisia TESOL Fifth International Conference, Tunisia (May2018)
Presenter "Argument superstructure between application and evasion in Tunisian students' essays", International Colloquium, "Flight", Faculty of Letters of Kairouan, Tunisia (April 2018)
Presenter “The use of body language in deviant classroom situations”, 3rd International British Council ELT conference, “From Theory to Practice in the ELT Classroom”, Oran, Algeria (May 2016)
Presenter “Tunisian students’ conception of structural order in the English argumentative essay”, International Colloquium,“Order and Disorder”, University of Jendouba, Tunisia (November 2015)
Abdi, O. (2021). "The use of discourse connectives in the written academic discourse of students majoring in Arabic and their peers majoring in English". Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics, 6(1), 32–59
Abdi, O. (2020). "Argument superstructure between application and evasion in Tunisian students’ essays". In A. Bahroun (Ed.), Proceedings of Flight: International Multi-Disciplinary Conference (1st edition 2020, pp. 143–160). Meskeliani Editions.
Abdi, O. (2017). Tunisian students’ conception of structural order in the English argumentative essay. In S. Arfaoui, N. Fekir, & J. S. Mackley (Eds.), Order and disorder—International conference proceedings - (pp. 159–174).


Expérience professionnelle

Since 2009    Professeur Agrégée in the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Kairouan, Tunisia

2015 - 2017   Administrator and invigilator at the Aptis certification center, University of Kairouan, Tunisia.

Membre association